Top: Coglin's

Bottom Left: Longboard Alley at Morning Glory Coffeehouse

Second to Right: Nugz personal piece

Bottom Right: Coglin's Hallway



I was always taken by mural and street art. It is everything I love about art on a spectacularly grand scale and oftentimes in public spaces. As an artist,  I love the idea of as many eyeballs as possible getting to behold my creations. A girl can dream right? Dream I did. Watching my homies Bryan Stacy and Rob Fogle crush wall after wall had me all starry eyed and flushed like the biggest fan girl. I got to work as an assistant for Fogle on some murals around town, and that incredible experience helped me , the little canvas painter, really begin to wrap my mind around the conceptualization and creation of large scale art. I was infatuated.


 Top: The Bazarre 

Bottom Left: Brooklyn Arts District

Second to Right: Smooches personal piece

Bottom Right: Commissioned Fence  



Fast forward to 2019 and I was doing some collaborative work with my boy Manix. I loved his clean and colorful graffiti style and how prolific he was when it came to producing work. When we discovered that we both were wanting to transition into aerosol, the next step was obvious: Manix and I pooled our resources and bought some supplies and built ourselves a plywood wall onto his backyard fence. We’ve been painting almost everyday since! When I’m not working on a commissioned project, I’m either painting on the backyard wall, down at 6th st., or my new jam has been leaving my mark wherever I travel. It’s seeped into my veins. It’s official. My name is Nugget and I’m an aerosol addict.