Live Painting


Left: Collaborative Mural at Flashpoint Flow Arts

Top Right: Foam carving the permanent gallery sign for Dr. Bacon Smokedown 

Bottom Right: Women Who Rock, charity event at The Calico Room



Is when I take this wild, wonderful show on the road and create my art right before your very eyes! This is a particular aspect of what i do that I really, REALLY enjoy. Making art, seeing live music, attending festivals, and in the throng of energy created by everyone coming together for this revelry is when I feel the most ALIVE! How amazing is it that i have been able to combine my passions into my livelihood?  Now i rarely go out or to events unless I’m there with a paintbrush in my hand and a laminate around my neck…

 I take my role as a live artist very seriously. To me being a live artist means that I’ve chosen to be a public figure and in essence perform. I love interfacing with the public, meeting people, and talking to them about what I do. I make myself into another facet of the event, adding dimension to the overall experience. Whether im painting murals, models, or canvases I show up, set up, and show out. How I set up and what I decide to do is tailored to the particular event , the venue, and the desired end result. I am able to bring a scaled down version of my festival booth and vend, i can bring a colleague along with some airbrushes and compressors and paint guests all night, or if I’m on stage or next to it I will be getting down! No matter the format, you can count on me to be extremely resourceful, to respond to challenges with creative solutions, and to always bring the energy 110 percent. I have grown my fan base on a regional level by putting myself out there and getting noticed. Public art making has facilitated so many incredible connections along the way. I absolutely love what I do!




Left: Bass Planet, Greensville, NC Rafters 

Top Right: Bass Planet, Charleston, SC Purple Buffalo

Bottom Right: Bass Planet, Charleston, SC Purple Buffalo



   Compensation for live painting depends on the location and duration of the event along with other variables. Please contact me and let me know what you have in mind…. For instance as the art director of Wilmington’s eclectic gem Barzarre, I also host various events throughout the year and would be open to discussing performance exchange. I love my community and love giving back so i will absolutely donate a finite number of pieces and dates to benefit various causes I believe in, Again, please reach out. I am very much interested in pioneering different applications of live, public, and installation art, so I encourage you to pitch any idea you are passionate about, at the very least you’ll have an open minded listener. 

   Typically I don’t do wedding portraiture or events for kids….there are wonderful people out there who thoroughly enjoy those type things and do an amazing job. They would be a better fit and that way everyone wins. Now if you want your wife, kid, baby, and dog transformed into walking corpses, then we can talk.






Left and Top Right: The Barzarre Full Moon Massive

Bottom Right: Liquid Culture Morning Glory Coffeehouse