Having a patron ask to commission a piece of art is a huge compliment. It makes me feel appreciated and validated when someone wants to spend their dollars purchasing something I create. The creation, however, is NEVER solely mine. It is in essence a collaboration between the patron and myself. In order to commission a piece you don’t have to have a really specific imagery idea. My job is to listen and gather information about your personal aesthetic so that when I start to create, I’m doing so with that in mind. I am working  to make a piece that you not only love, but that dazzles you by being something greater than anything you pictured beforehand.

Trust in my experience and freedom to be creative are the best conditions for true expression , while specific instructions and requirements heaped on a project can start to be stifling.  I am confident in my ability to communicate and give you (more than) what you’re looking for. 

    Commissions start with communicating your idea, and I like to brainstorm how to approach it, what size, the amount of detail, color and so forth . I can tweak these conditions to meet most budgets. Once the project is agreed on I have a commission contract for you to fill out . I take half the payment up front, and then the second half upon completion. The piece of original art then becomes yours, and I retain the rights to sell prints of the work and use the image for promotional purposes. remember, an original will always remain in a league of its own.


   (Link this to the actual commission contract)

certificates of authenticity coming soon

  • Retroactive, contact me here and let me know if u have an original so that I may make you