Body Painting


Left: Sarah Heist

Top Right: Raven Kingray

Bottom Right: Alyssa Christopherson 



To me body painting is an incredibly exciting medium. A living canvas is both a challenge as well as a springboard into expansive possibilities. It can be vibrant and festive, or dark and riddled with mystery. It is a collaboration between the artist and the canvas, and body paint often triggers a transformation in the wearer that is captivating to watch. I thoroughly enjoy painting humans to watch them become living, breathing art.

   I love working with models for creative concept shoots, as well as performers. They generally take the creation to another level. I am so thankful to my early models Raven and Alyssa for being a part of my learning curve. Their poise and enthusiasm always insured I brought my “a” game, and they NEVER shied away when I’d mischievously said, “I’ve got an idea”. So we began to work together and I honed the craft. I now use only the highest grade professional body paints, and using an airbrush has been a game changer as far as coverage and possibilities go.  A video stream of me painting Alyssa’s bare chest with UV lights for her LED hoop performance got shared by many, and the next thing I knew, I had been contacted by SOMA entertainment asking me to paint models live for their events. 

    I started assisting my step mom for her face painting gigs 6 years ago. I currently work for a very prestigious fine art photography studio here in Wilmington. I’ve done body painting all over the Carolinas as well as Virginia, and plan to continue traveling with my work for projects, events, and perhaps one day film. I am love with where the journey has taken me so far, and I cannot wait to see where it will take me next. If you have a body painting project in mind I am absolutely for hire and have incredibly talented models if needed. Pricing varies with each project depending on time involved, materials, travel expenses etc. Let’s make history