About Nugget



Local to Wilmington Nugget had an early passion for the arts. Her early paintings garnered a lot of attention from friends and family. Nugget pursed her passion at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington where she delved into mix media art and collages. She was fascinated with her layered designs and began building her unique style that is now so recognizable. 

This is when she began to share her work live with others. Her persona of being a passionate free spirited artist really began to capture the attention of regional music performers. You can now find her on tour at festivals and events where she live paints. Nugget creates an experience to go with her live painting. Interacting with event attendees is very important to her as she doesn't want people to see her art, she wants them to feel it and connect.





Her brand is quickly growing as she now works for a studio where she completes commissioned work. She is also an integral part of her community as she organizes a local artist guild at The Barzarre. Assisting local talent and organizing their efforts is very important to her. She wants to really focus her energy on growing her brand and sharing her successes with others and making her world a bit brighter. 

We are so grateful for your continued support and excitement. We are happy to have you a part of this story that continues to be written.