About Jimmy AKA Manix


Jimmy, a.k.a. Manix, is a street artist and muralist based out of Wilmington, NC. Jimmy has been a creative his whole life. Ever since he can remember, he has had an immense appreciation for the arts and a drive to create. Some of his earliest memories are of watching his dad airbrush designs and names on t‑shirts to sell on the beach in Pensacola, Florida. His dad’s dedication to his work stuck with him and inspires him to this day. 

Art started out as a hobby for Jimmy while he was pursuing a culinary carrier. He spent nearly 20 years working in restaurants. While he was cooking his life away, he spent what little spare time he had devoted to creating. He focused mainly on making canvases and countless random black book graffiti pieces. As he began to feel burnt out and grew mentally and physically crushed from working on the line day in and day out, Jimmy decided it was time for a change that should have been made many years before. He dropped out of the kitchen and took the chancy risk to become a full-time street artist with his dear friend, and now partner, Nugget. He claims it was the best decision he’s ever made and has been happily creating every day since.


Nowadays, Jimmy loves using his talent to make artwork in many forms from brush painting abstract background designs with acrylics to detailed fineliner work outlining a sketch. However, his main passion and focus has always been and always will be wild style graffiti writing with aerosol cans. Through his work, Jimmy hopes to show the benefits and positivity street art can bring to a community. He says there is no logical reason for street art to be viewed as a negative thing like it has been in the past. Street art is proven to bring down crime rates, decrease homelessness and increase jobs in the community. It’s a beautiful thing that Jimmy hopes his art will have aided in some way somewhere along the lines.


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